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Würth Copper Grease Spray CU 800 300ml
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  • SKU: MAT1111

Würth Copper Grease Spray CU 800 300ml

£6.90 (Vat Excluded)

Würth Highly adhesive lubricating, separating and anti-corrosive copper spray that is extremely resistant to high temperatures and high pressures

Very high resistance

  • Temperature application range from –40°C to +1200°C for dry lubrication
  • Resistant to water, diluted alkalis and diluted acids

High, long-lasting lubrication: Provides long-lasting protection against burning-on and seizing, galling, wear, corrosion and frictional corrosion.

Silicone-free and AOX-free.

Notice: Do not apply to brake discs or brake linings.

  • Contents: 300 ml
  • Chemical basis: Soft metal-containing semi-synthetic base grease
  • Colour: Copper
  • Density: 1.1 g/cm³
  • Smell/fragrance: Characteristic
  • Min. temperature conditions: -40 °C
  • Max. temperature conditions: 1200 °C
  • Min. flashing point: 250 °Cv
  • VOC concentration (CH): 463 g/l
  • Silicone-free: Yes
  • AOX-free: Yes
  • Container: Aerosol can
  • Shelf life from production: 24 Month