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Shell Fabrication

Shells are available ‘off the shelf’ at C Bradley Motorsport! Ranging from a rolling shell to a shell in full group 4 spec with all bodywork and primer work done ready for paint. Our shells are built using the lightest but strongest materials available. Alternatively we can build you a shell to your specifications.

Our roll cages comply with MSA and FIA technical regulations and we are an approved Custom Cage Fitting Centre.

Corner Weight Set-up

Corner weighting, sometimes referred to as "corner balancing," or "scaling," involves adjusting the spring perches of a car to get a balanced diagonal weight on the tyres. Ideally the car should have 50% of its weight on the Left Front and Right Rear tyres, and 50% on the Right Front and Left Rear. If your car's diagonal corner weights are not equal then its handling will be unbalanced - it will turn better in one direction than in the other. C Bradley Motorsport have the latest equipment to set your car up for you, to suit stage or track or your own favourable settings.

Axle Build

C Bradley Motorsport have vast experience of building Atlas axles and can build you one to your specifications using Special Atlas tools to set your axle up properly. Best quality bearings, seals, LSD Units, CW&P’s and special CB Heavy Duty Halfshafts are used in all axle builds. We supply trade dealers all over the world with our axle parts.

Gearbox Build

Gearboxes are built and maintained on-site using parts from our large stocks.

Engine Build

Specialising in building new 2.0L 16V Vauxhall, 2.0L Pinto, 1.6L Crossflow, YB Cosworth Naturally Aspirated, Toyota 4AGE engines. We also supply all spare parts for these and other engines and will carry out seasonal rebuilds on most types of engine.


C Bradley Motorsport have full fabrication facilities and can quickly turn a standard Escort into a caged up Group-4 spec monster with all the parts to do so coming from stock. A complete bodywork and painting service is also offered on site and only the best quality finish will get past Camilus’ keen eye.

Machine Shop

With our own milling machines and lathes we can modify or make any one-off components to suit each individual car.