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Toyota Corolla AE86 4AGE Dry Sump Kit
  • SKU: DYSP1008

Toyota Corolla AE86 4AGE Dry Sump Kit

£1,199.00 (Vat Excluded)

PACE Dry Sump Kit with 3 Stage Compact C11 Oil Pump for Toyota Corolla AE86 4AGE engine.

Sump pan needs to be fabricated to your own sump.

Kit Includes

  • Sump kit of parts to fabricate sump pan
  • 3 Stage Compact C11 Oil Pump (1x 10L Pressure; 2x 10L Scavenge)
  • Oil In Assembly
  • Bracket
  • Drive Kit
  • Fitting Kit

This is top of the range kit, no need for engine breather. Engine will breathe through dry sump tank system.

About PACE Dry Sump Kits
A ‘Dry Sump’ system does not allow engine oil to freely pool, and slosh around in the sump. Instead, oil is pumped (‘scavenged’) away from the sump as soon as it has finished its cycle, and collected (often via an oil cooler) in a separate oil reservoir where it is stored before a second pump forces the oil under pressure through the filter and back into the engine.

A dry sump pump system facilitates the cleaner and more efficient circulation of oil within an engine and helps it perform efficiently.

Dry sump systems offer a multitude of significant benefits to trackday enthusiast and serious racers alike, the main advantages being:

  • Increased engine protection and reliability
  • Increased power of 5-15bhp (depending on application)
  • Greatly improved handling dynamics
  • Increased oil capacity and lowered oil temperatures
  • Improved maintenance