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MDB1323 M1155
MDB1323 M1155
  • SKU: BR1211

Mintex 2WD Cosworth 1155 Hard Compound

£125.00 (Vat Excluded)

Set of 4 Mintex Racing MDB1323 Brake Pads with a M1155 Hard Compound. Suitable for Full Rally use on a Two-Wheel Drive Ford Sierra Cosworth.

Size: 89.50 mm x 70.70 mm x 17.00 mm.

The Mintex M1155 Range has a unique formulation enabling use at temperatures up to 700°C with the added benefit of first time braking with no bedding in requirement. Suitable for Group A and Group N Rally, loose surface and circuit use.

Mintex "M Series" Performance Brake Pads have a development cycle going back over 40 years. They exhibit good pedal control and high fade resistance. They require minimal bedding.