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  • SKU: AX1169

English 4.857 Crownwheel & Pinion (CWP)

£299.00 (Vat Excluded)

Quaife Tran-X English Axle Crown Wheel & Pinion Kit 4.857:1 (7/34) ratio.

Performance Crownwheel (34T) & Pinion (7T) Kit.

In a front-engined, rear wheel drive application, the crownwheel and pinion (CWP) transfers engine torque from the propshaft to the car’s differential (LSD) and then to the road wheels via the drive (half) shafts. As a function of this process the crownwheel and pinion ratio is the principal variable controlling the overall gearing, which means that changing it has a significant effect on vehicle performance.

It is extremely important to tailor the CWP ratio to the engine characteristics and desired vehicle speed, whether it is for a road based trackday car or an outright competition vehicle that requires fine tuning from circuit to circuit.

The Tran-X CWP sets are precision engineered using superior high tensile steel billets on industry-leading Gleason gear cutting machines, Manganese Phosphate coated for added wear resistance and finally quality inspected to ISO9001-2008 standards.