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CL Brakes 5004 W50 T17 Front Brake Pads with a RC8 Compound
Carbone Lorraine 15
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Carbone Lorraine 15" Front Metro 6R4 RC8 Brake Pads

£246.00 (Vat Excluded)

Set of 4 CL Brakes 5004 W50 T17 RC8 Front Brake Pads with a RC8 Compound suitable for 15 Inch Front Metro 6R4.

Size: 130.9 mm x 56 mm x 17 mm.

CL Brakes (formerly known as Carbone Lorraine) are high performance sintered brake pads. These pads are used in the highest levels of motorsport worldwide. The pads are made of a unique sintered material resulting in all compounds having a very high friction coefficient and its uncompressible material gives a stiffer pedal and better brake modulation. Unlike other performance pads CL are gentle on the discs and require no specific bedding in procedure. One of its best features is that the pad material operates from cold and friction never decreases with high temperatures.

  • Excellent friction/grip from cold
  • Friction/grip doesn’t decrease with high temperatures
  • No specific bedding in procedure necessary
  • No material transfer
  • Gentle on discs
  • Very low wear rate
  • Sintered metal compound brazed to high quality backing plate
  • Environmentally friendly, no lead, no asbestos and no nickel

RC8 Compound (Average friction coefficient µ = 0.6): RC8 compound is designed for the most demanding high performance cars, (WRC, Nascar, WTCC, ZA V8, GrpN…..). Very high and stable friction level which will shorten your brake distances. This compound should be used with another C.L pad for the rear axle.