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AP Racing 13
AP Racing 13
J Hook Brake Discs 267mm x 21 mm x 5.5
J Hook Brake Discs 267mm x 21 mm x 5.5
Radial Calipers CP4567-8S4 RH & CP4567-9S4 LH
Front Brake Bells for 13
Right & Left Caliper Mounting Brackets
Mounting Bolt Kits
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AP 13" Front Brake Kit (267x21 J Disc & CP4567-8/9 Caliper)

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AP Racing 13 Inch Front Brake Kit with 267 mm x 21 mm 'J' Hook Brake Discs & Radial Calipers.

To fit original Ford Escort Mk1 or Mk2 RS2000 / Bilstein Strut Leg.

Brake Kit Includes:

2x J Hook Brake Discs Ø267 mm x 21 mm x 5.5"
CP3947-48GA Right Hand
CP3947-49GA Left Hand
2x Radial Calipers
CP4567-8S4 Right Hand Trailing
CP4567-9S4 Left Hand Trailing
1x Pair or Caliper Brackets
Right & Left Caliper Mounting Brackets
2x Brake Bells
Front Brake Bells for 13" Wheels
Mounting Bolt Kits
1x CP3845-101K12 pack containing 12x Bolts, 12x Nuts & 24x Washers
8x Bell to Hub Bolts & Washers
4x Caliper to Bracket M10 Cap Bolts & Washers
4x Bracket to Strut Bolts & Washers


In addition to this Brake Kit we also offer compatible Brake Pads.